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TagPay is a mobile digital banking platform. It is built to replace the legacy core banking system of banks. With TagPay, a financial institution can launch a neo-bank or a digital financial service efficiently and at low cost. TagPay has a proven track-record of powering financial inclusion initiatives.

What does a digital banking system look like?

At TagPay, we have built a Digital Banking System, hosted in the cloud, and mobile-centric. This digital banking platform brings banks the open-architecture, real time operations and agility they need to offer their clients an extended offer of constantly evolving financial services. A new digital bank can be set up in less than three months, at low cost and with the highest level of security. Universal sound payments are used by TagPay platforms for strong authentication and payment.



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For those who don’t like their bank

In European countries, digital is omnipresent. Every industry has been reinvented. Banks have not.

Retail banking have to reinvent themselves to meet new needs expressed by their customers. Their main ally? Digital. They need to rely on new structures (spin-off) and with innovative statuses (neobank, EME/PE).

Nobody knows what retail banking will be like in Europe in three years. It is therefore essential to use adaptable, agile, very secure and open tools to build this new world.

For those who don’t have a bank

In developing countries, 100% of the population owns a mobile phone while 80 to 95% of the population does not have a bank account.

Financial inclusion projects have to goals. The first one is improving the standard of living of their clients. The second is stimulating the countries’ economic growth by significantly reducing the informal sector. Bankers deploying digital banking have a strategic role to play - the World Bank and central banks already understood this issue. On the other side, threats such as telcos, GAFAM, BATX and other giants, rely on the inaction of local banks to take control of this huge market.

TagPay works with visionary bankers who want to become central players in this ever-evolving world.



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