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Key Features

TagPay offers a complete range of digital financial services.  TagPay creates an ecosystem that is highly secure and fundamentally inclusive.

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With a new generation of clients, comes new expectations for banking services. The tech-savvy Y-generation expects to be able to save, send and spend money with the same ease as sending messages on social media. Real-time services have become the norm, and all new banking products are following suit. The TagPay platform manages all of its digital financial services in real time.


At TagPay Inc. we bring together the best of telecom and the best of banking. Inspired by the technology of telecom operators, we capitalize on all mobile phones in a country to deliver digital financial services, without having to emit cards. The core of the TagPay platform began with the development of our mobile authentication technology, NSDT™, with client accounts linked directly to their mobile phone number.

Open Architecture

TagPay enables open banking. The platform's collection of APIs allows banks to quickly and efficiently connect to third parties, be they FinTechs or important actors of the local ecosystem.

The bank with a TagPay platform can maximize the use of its data by easily and securely connecting to artificial intelligence solutions. For insurance and loans, client banks can better foresee risk and push tailored digital financial services to their clients.




TagPay's Saas in hosted with OVH. With its OVH cloud-based solution, TagPay provides extensive flexibility and robustness. It uses state of the arts hosting and server management tools that directly benefit TagPay client banks at very low cost. Our OVH and VMWare partnership gives our clients access to the latest hosting technology and the most advanced level of service in the world.

The TagPay platform is licensed as Saas. Licenses are based on the size of the client bank's operations (number of active accounts, number of agents and merchants).


While the banking sector is moving from a vault system to platforms and ecosystems, security plays a central role. Strong authentication and protection of client data are key factors to all of TagPay's developments.