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Key Features

TagPay offers a complete range of digital financial services.  TagPay creates an ecosystem that is highly secure and fundamentally inclusive.

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The younger generation of clients have new expectations for banking services. The tech- savvy Y-generation expects to be able to save, send and spend money as easily as they send messages on social media. Real-time services have become the norm, and all new banking products have to follow suit. The TagPay platform manages all of its digital financial services in real-time.


Had bankers from the 1970s – when banking systems were created – known that every user would have a mobile phone in their hands, they would have deployed services in a complete different way. Digital banking means applying the newest technologies to the banking sector. The mobile is not a distribution channel, but are a part of the core of the information system of the digital bank.

Open Architecture

Traditionally, retail banks’ business model relies on interest rates and commissions. But the upcoming generation got used to everything being free and interest rates doesn’t allow to have enough revenue. The bank must therefore open up to local ecosystems to deliver high-value financial services dedicated to each segment and job sector. This requires an open-architecture, connectors (APIs) and innovative use cases.

TagPay has gone beyond the open-architecture and now offers a sharing-architecture allowing sharing of values with bank partners.




TagPay’s SaaS is hosted with OVH. With its OVH cloud-based solution, TagPay provides extensive flexibility and robustness. It uses state-of-the-art hosting and server management tools that directly benefit TagPay client banks at very low cost. Our OVH and VMWare partnerships give our clients access to the latest hosting technology and the most advanced level of service in the world.

The TagPay platform is licensed as SaaS. Licenses are based on the size of the client bank’s operations (number of active accounts, number of agents and merchants).

A digital bank must be able to be deployed and evolve rapidly to respond to market expectations, which are increasingly fluctuating. The uncertainty of this changing world makes the initial technological investments very risky. TagPay offers a DBS hosted on the Cloud with a SaaS business model. This allows digital banks to apply the Test, Adapt, and Scale (TAS) strategy in this unpredictable environment. The impact on the bank’s business plan becomes remarkable.


Banking security is becoming more complex and challenged by international threats. At the same time, certifications and « compliance » audits guarantee very high levels of anti-fraud mechanisms. With its clients, mainly African and European banks (Société Générale, La Banque Postale, Trust Merchant Bank, Coris Bank), TagPay is regularly subject to security audits that guarantee its customers a high level of security. Cloud hosting at OVH contributes to this very high level of general security by relying on the best experts in the world.