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Platform Interface

The TagPay platform provides a versatile and adaptable service for end-users, agents and merchants, while providing high visibility for administrators.

TagPay for the end-user

The end-user has access to mobile financial services on any feature phone and through the smartphone app.

The end-user can also access their account through the online portal.

To access the demo for the first time, please request a demo so that we can give you your access codes.


TagPay for the administrator

Administrators now benefit from a remodeled interface with TagPay v4.2

Global view of end-user activity

In the new interface, the administrator has can view an end-user's activity all in one place.

The administrator has visibility over the end-user's daily activities with the latest transactions. The administrator can also see the end-user's favorite agent and scanned ID papers. Furthermore, there is a record of the administrator's interactions with the end-user's account, with latest SMSs sent and the limits set for spending.


There are customisable reports that can be filtered by theme of interest and exported to Microsoft Excel.

Cash flow overview

The administrator also has a global view of the cash flow in the system.


TagPay for the agents and merchants

The agents and merchants have their own interface to manage their activity.

They use the TP1600 application for secure authentication and payments with the end-users.

Viral Mobile Wallet adoption

Typically a customer goes to an agent of the service to open an account and provides their phone number, ID information and other details required by KYC regulations. Tagpay also includes a pre-registration module that allows customers to enroll themselves in the service or to be automatically enrolled when they receive funds sent by other users or an employer. TagPay allows the service operator to define which services are available, set transaction limits, perform velocity checking and manage other account settings.


All the KYC and AML procedures supported by TagPay are designed to be compliant with local regulations.