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Digital Financial Services

TagPay's banking platform has a complete set of digital financial services.




The end-user’s mobile phone number is his wallet/account number. The optional mWallet app for the end-user can be downloaded onto any Android or IOS device. The end-user then has easy access to his balance and transaction history. The wallet/account is mutli-currency. To create a wallet/account, clients are onboarded by an agent, with KYC tools.



The end-user can visit an agent, representing the bank in the field, to securely perform a cash-in or a cash-out, crediting or debiting his wallet/account.


Bill Payment/VOUCHERS

The end-user can pay his bills securely and conveniently on his feature phone or mWallet app, or by paying with cash at a point of service. The TagPay CBS connects to the partner’s billing back-office to verify reference numbers and authorize transactions. For this service it is possible to use IVR, app or USSD channels , as well as the responsive web portal.


Air Time Top-Up

The end-user can top-up his airtime by using his feature phone, with IVR or USSD, or with his smartphone, through the web portal or with the TagPay mWallet. The end-user can also visit an agent to perform this service.



P2P Transfers

End-users can send money in many different ways, be it over the counter with an agent or directly from their feature phone or mWallet app. It is also possible to use IVR, USSD, app and web channels for transfers without the assistance of an agent. When receiving cash from another individual, the recipient can choose to leave it on his wallet/account.





Real-time transactions are transforming the end-user’s behavior around saving. He can credit a savings account as soon as he receives money (salary, pension, transfer). This flexibility, with the balances of his different accounts, gives him the opportunity to organize and manage hhiser savings in a completely new way.




Real-time technology and wide scale mobile phone deployment will transform the loan distribution process. With new forms of scoring and risk management, end-users will be able to obtain loans directly on their phones in a fraction of the time classically required. TagPay will power microcredit and meso-finance loans.




End-users can receive their salaries directly on their wallet/account. Companies can partner with the TagPay client bank to send payroll to their employees. SMS, USSD and the mWallet app are used for this service.





End-users can securely and conveniently pay in stores with their phones using their wallets/accounts. Any cell phone can be used, no matter the telecom operator or type of phone. Merchants can partner with the TagPay client bank to accept TagPay payments in their stores, offering their customers a convenient contactless payment experience that is extremely secure and user-friendly. The merchant downloads the TP1600 app from Google Play or from the App Store, onto a POS terminal or Android device. NSDTis used for securing transactions at the point of sale.




End-users can pay online with their wallets/accounts. At checkout on the e-commerce website, the end- user is redirected to the TagPay online payment system. E-commerce companies can partner with the TagPay client bank to offer a secure and simple payment experience to their customers. TagPay includes a Prestashop payment module that allows any e-commerce website powered by Prestashop to accept payments online by incorporating the TagPay payment solution into its website. This service is only available in countries with a TagPay client bank.




The TagPay client bank can partner with non-governmental organizations to distribute subsidies digitally. The recipients of the subsidies are notified and can then visit a network of dedicated merchants in order to buy the subsidized goods. The administrator of the service decides what percentage, if any, the beneficiary of the service must personally pay. During the transaction in the store, the merchant is paid in real-time for the full cost of the product, directly on his TagPay account. The TagPay client bank partners with non-governmental organizations and merchants in order to set up the service.



Coined by TagPay Inc.’s client AfriMarket, Cash2Good enables P2P transfers that can be used in a dedicated network of stores. An end-user receiving Cash2Good will be able to spend the money at a specific network of merchants, chosen by the sender. Such transfers are typically used in networks of pharmacies for health.



The network of agents set up by the TagPay client bank can be used for cash collection by third parties. For example, a loan recipient of a local microfinance institution can visit a point of service to perform weekly loan repayments. This is done over the counter.



ATM Withdrawal

End-users can withdraw cash from their wallets/accounts at an ATM. TagPay’s APIs enable simple integration with existing ATMs. For smartphones with the TagPay app or from the dedicated web portal, a one-time passcode is generated, that is then immediately used to withdraw cash from the ATM. With a feature phone, USSD is used to generate the passcode. It is also possible to install a solution that works directly with NSDT on the ATMs.