Our Near Sound Data Transfer™ (NSDT™) technology turns any phone into a strong authentication and payment tool. The contactless signature is extremely user-friendly and enables a secure and seamless transaction experience at the point of sale.
— Hervé Manceron, Tagattitude COO


User Experience

With NSDT™, the end-user is in control of the transaction throughout the entire process: 

  • The merchant or agent enters the amount on a terminal device.
  • The end user enters their phone number and secret 4 digit pin.
  • The TagPay platform dials the phone.
  • The buyer takes the call and places the phone next to the terminal. Using NSDT™, a one time encrypted password is exchanged between the two devices and the transaction is complete.

How NSDT works

By using the phone's microphone as a captor and the standard mobile network channel as a transporter, NSDT™ secures transactions between any phone and a variety of accepting devices. 

NSDT™ enables simple, secure, user-friendly transactions and authentication.

NSDT™ signal processing technology is the result of more than 7 years of intensive R&D efforts focusing on 4 fields:

  • Speed of communication and data compression
  • Cryptographic and security mechanisms
  • Error detection and correction algorithms
  • Acoustic optimisation and performance

NSDT™ is protected by a set of 35 international patents.

A Mobile Wallet linked to a phone number

The TagPay platform allows anyone with a cell phone to conveniently and securely store, send, and spend funds using a Mobile Wallet. Any phone in the world can be a Mobile Wallet. With this versatile mWallet, the end-user can easily pay bills, make purchases in stores and on the web, and transfer funds to others.