TagPay offers a comprehensive and extremely secure set of mobile financial services that give end-users complete control over their money. With TagPay they can receive, send and spend money around the world, in seconds, using any mobile phone on the market.

Our goal is to deliver a Mobile Financial Service Platform with even better services than in the formal banking system. We want our customers to be able to provide a comprehensive and complete set of financial tools to those at the bottom of the pyramid and accompany them in their path towards financial maturity.
— Yves Eonnet, Tagattitude CEO


Services: Customers can send money in many different ways, be it with cash or from their Mobile Wallet.

Wallet-to-Wallet money transfers

Cash-to-Wallet money transfers

When transferring cash to another individual, the recipient can now choose to leave it on his phone.

Goods and targeted remittance transfers

Technology: When making a transfer with an agent, the end-user signs with NSDT. It is also possible to use IVR, SMS and USSD channels for transfers without an agent.


Air Time Top-Up

Service: Customers can purchase airtime directly from their Mobile Wallet or with the help of an agent.

Partnerships: Telecom operators can partner with the TagPay administrator to offer their clients a simple way to top-up their airtime.

Set Up: Each telecom operator is registered on the platform. The platform's API connects to the telecom operator's airtime management back-office.

Technology: USSD, SMS and NSDT are used for this service.


Salary disbursment

Service: Customers can receive their salary directly on their mobile phone.

Partnership: Companies can partner with the TagPay administrator to send payroll to their employees.

Technology: USSD and SMS are used for this service.


Bill Payment

Service: Customers can pay their bills securely and conveniently, directly with their Mobile Wallet or by paying in cash with an agent.

Partnership: Each utility company is categorized by type (electricity, water).

Set Up: The TagPay platform connects to the billing back-office to verify reference numbers and authorize transactions.

Technology: For this service it is possible to use IVR, SMS and USSD channels.


Retail Transactions

Service: Customers can securely and conveniently pay in stores using their Mobile Wallets. Any cell phone can be used, no matter the telecom operator or type of phone.

Partnerships: Merchants can partner with the TagPay administrator to accept TagPay payments in their stores, offering their customers a convenient contactless payment experience that is extremely secure.

Set Up: The Merchant downloads the TP1600 application from Google Play or from the App Store, onto their phone, POS terminal, or android device.

Technology: NSDT is used for payments at the point of sale.



Service: Customers can pay online with their Mobile Wallet account. At checkout, the customer is redirected to the TagPay Online Payment System. The customer enters their phone number and secret code. TagPay verifies the information and calls the customer's cell phone for verification.  The customer takes the call and places his phone next to the computer screen. TagPay sends a NSDT one time passcode through the web page. Authentication and transaction are now complete.

Partnership: e-commerce companies can partner with the TagPay service provider to offer a secure and simple payment experience to their customers.

Set Up: TagPay includes a Prestashop payment module that allows any e-commerce website powered by Prestashop to accept payments online by incorporating the TagPay payment solution into their website.


ATM Withdrawal

Service: Customers can withdraw cash from their Mobile Wallet account at ATMs.

Partnership: The TagPay service provider, if not already a bank with a network of ATMs, must partner with a bank in order to offer ATM withdrawal to their clients.

Set Up: With a simple software installation, any ATM can provide quick and user-friendly mobile money cash withdrawals.

Technology: For smartphones with the TagPay app, a one time passcode is generated on the app that is then used to withdraw cash from the ATM. With a feature phone, USSD is used to generate the code. It is also possible to install a solution that works directly with NSDT and the ATM.




Service: Customers can give and spend gift vouchers on the web or in a store. When spending the voucher, the recipient is invited to enter their phone number.

Partnership: Merchants can partner with the TagPay service provider to set up this service.

Technology: NSDT is used to authenticate the recipient when they redeem their gift.


MicROfinance Loans and Savings

TagPay brings security to microfinance transactions. User-friendly, voice-based services replace paperwork to make microfinance services more accessible and efficient.

Loan disbursement:

  • The loan recipient can go to a local MFI branch or to a partner merchant to withdraw the loan partially or in its entirety, using their mobile phone to sign for the withdrawal.
  • The beneficiary may also leave the loan on their account and pay for material directly with their cell phone.

Loan repayment:

  • The recipient can repay the loan by transferring funds to the MFI through a bank branch or affiliated merchant.
  • The recipient can repay the loan with their mobile phone using IVR, or by visiting an MFI agent and using their cell phone make the transaction.

Signature alternative:

TagPay can also be used as a "signature" for the MFI's microfinance operations. In this scenario, the loans are managed in cash, with cell phone signatures that accompany all transactions, enabling the MFI to have complete visibility on its operations in real time.

Mobile Financial Services empower the end-userS with tools that they did not have access to before.


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