TagPay is offered under several business models. TagPay is committed to providing fair and transparent pricing and can offer the TagPay platform under revenue sharing, flat fee, license per user, or other models.

Hosting options

The platform can be installed locally or can be hosted in the cloud and managed by TagPay. A minimum installation architecture includes a production server as well as a back-up beta server for test and upgrade validation.

Partner terminals

TagPay is compatible with all of Ingenico's terminals.

TagPay can be easily set up on Android devices. TagPay also works with Famoco and Mobiwire terminals.



Professional Services

The time to market for a TagPay platform is extremely SHORT

When a customer buys a TagPay platform, they are followed by a Project Manager throughout the set-up process, until the service is launched. Maintenance and support is available on all TagPay platforms as well as for the regular version releases.

Help Center

There is a 24/7 hotline for all customers.



As Mobile Financial Service specialists, our goal is to ensure the success of our customer’s operations

Our team has gathered expansive knowledge from real operations all over the world. This wealth of experience and expertise will help you design, plan, launch and operate your TagPay mobile money program.

TagPay can advise clients on the conception, launch, and successful expansion of their mobile money services.

  • Marketing campaign examples and marketing materials
  • Legal contracts and certification procedures with central banks
  • Business plan and revenue simulators
  • Assistance in specifications and project management
  • Security audit
  • Specialized lawyers

Tagpay Also works closely with a network of consultants who CAN help build and grow our clients' business