WITH TagPay, we think of Mariam everyday

Mariam’s situation is similar to that of many women rising out of poverty. In her country, the cash based economy excludes her from tools offered by the formal banking system.

With TagPay, she can use her feature phone to access the financial services she needs right at her fingertips.

To reach financial inclusion goals, Mobile Financial Service providers have to cater to end users with low literacy rates and little revenue. These individuals need a service that answers their needs and makes their lives easier, not harder. NSDT technology makes payment at the point of sale extremely secure and simple. The contactless, sound-based technology has the same allure as services offered on a high end smartphones, but it works with every feature phone on the market. It’s not because you have a feature phone with no internet, that you shouldn’t have access to the very best payment services.
— Hervé Manceron, Tagattitude COO

TagPay is built for the unbanked, with carefuL attention to their needs.

TagPay manages:

  • Payroll
  • Bill Payments and air-time top up
  • Money Transfers
  • e-commerce and Retail Transactions
  • ATM withdrawals
  • Savings and Loans
  • Microfinance